‘How did it get so late, so soon?’

Day Two:

Late! Well not quite late, but almost. And having only done my homework once last week, I felt a little guilty. It was also one of the hottest days of the year so far which made it super sticky. Chris asked us if we had any questions and then talked a bit more about mindfulness or how our body likes good things and avoids doing the bad. We become obsessed with doing a certain thing until it becomes a habit and we avoid things that hurt. If we train the mind to quieten than we can live in the present and not think about the past or the future. I find this quite helpful as I’ve always felt I live in a constant state of distraction & living in the present is hard for me. This is something I must work on, daily. I must obsess less and become more present.

We started our class by practising Sun Salutation A & B, five times each. We than moved on to starting to learn the Fundamental Positions in this case called ‘drsti’. The first one involved jumping your feet hip width apart, bending over at the waist and clasping your big toe with two finger. You than stay there for five breathes before inserting your entire hand under your foot up to your wrist. This position I found particularly difficult as it made my quads ache. Something I will have to work on but I know from running I have weak quads.

After doing this series at least two more times we moved on to our final positions for the night which involved twisting and a lots of balance. My balance at the moment is so bad that I shake and my ankles rock back and forth. This will get better in time and making my ankles stronger was part of why I am doing this. Not only for skating but to prevent injury in running as well.

Once we’d completed this series about four times we sat on our blocks and practised breathing. Than my favourite pose of all: corpse pose. I left feeling extremely relaxed and extremely at one with the present. I know that sounds cheesy but I felt like my mind was clear and all thoughts were gone for at least a bit of time. It was a really good feeling. I want to keep that feeling.

Must also endeavour to do my homework this week!



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