‘What good are wings without the courage to fly’

Warrior One

Day 3:

Like he was letting go of our hands.

That’s what it felt like today. I arrived at the studio to Chris telling me that we were going to practise all that we’d learned so far… BY OURSELVES. We are supposed to be working towards practising by ourselves but the thought of doing it already on week three was a bit daunting. So five each of Sun Salutation A & B, than on to one each of the Primary Series we learned so far: Thumb to feet, head to feet and variations of the extended triangle pose. I had a little trouble with remembering the sequence of the primary poses and the breathing to match but I was surprised I remembered as much as I did. Homework pays off for sure!

A couple of the ladies at the back (Just of note if you are late to class you will have to be in the front! A little intimidating but actually not so much after a while because you realise that this is supposed to be your own practise and therefore it doesn’t matter where you are and there is no hiding. Like I would normally do in a ‘guided’ class) got confused and didn’t remember that they were supposed to do five each of the Sun Salutations and then move into the other poses. They were way ahead of the rest of us and therefore Chris had to give them more poses to do whilst we finished. Before we moved on to the new poses, he reminded us that this is our own practise and that we need to do our homework to improve (think he was talking to the two girls in the back!).

We moved on to two more poses: another version of extended triangle and 3 versions of the head to foot pose. What I noticed most when we were working through these poses is that:

A. I did not need as much correction as the other ladies and…

B. My ankles are still wobbly when I do the poses, but I am beginning to see improvement already.

Both of these facts gave hope, as it proves that if I keep it up I will improve my balance and strength not only in my ankles but in the rest of my body. Class ended with us repeating what we’d just learned, than sitting on our blocks breathing and finally corpse pose. My favourite but also the one that leads to mindfulness, an important aspect I’m trying to improve on. Chris¬†mentioned sitting on the side of the road, watching your thoughts go by like cars on a highway. That’s what I try to achieve each time I lay in corpse pose. Though I imagine I’m floating in space and that I’m watching stars float around me. I can only describe it like being on the Starship Enterprise, slowly moving through space (Mindfulness for Nerds anyone?) It’s quite a calming thought. By the time I walked out of that studio, I was relaxed, lengthened and feeling hella tall. My shoulders were back as I was walking home and I felt like an Amazonian Princess… Maybe I am Diana after all!


As an aside, it was my 35th birthday this week. I had a lovely day, mostly to myself, including a trip to the spa. I also gave myself the gift of three days off work, which led to lots of eating and exploring the cities coffee shops. I’m not really sure what happened to 34. It seemed to go by in a flash, but I am determined to make this year the year of mindfulness and being present. I want to enjoy every second. There is a lot of good stuff happening in the next three months and I am determined to enjoy every minute of every hour of every day. Come on 35, let’s go out there & live…



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