‘Well, put some skates on. Be your own hero!’

What I would imagine my skater profile photo would look like…

Roller Derby is…

Well if you don’t know what roller derby is, I would highly suggest checking out some of the videos on YouTube. There are some really good ones which will tell you everything there is to know. Go check it out. I promise you’ll love it!

From the first time I put on quad skates in May 2015 at a roller disco, I fell in love. That Autumn I joined my local team’s Fresh Meat program and fell even MORE in love with the sport. It’s hardcore. It’s women only. It’s inclusive. And it’s a lot fun.

I’ve never really been into playing team sports. Well, not since volleyball and basketball when I was in school. In my 20’s and most of my 30’s, I wasn’t interested in playing sports or anything that involved playing on a ‘team’. And than I found derby.

In hospital, one day after surgery to make me a Bionic Woman

Of course my journey has not been without its setbacks. My love hurt me. I broke my ankle at practise in April 2016. I had not quite passed my minimum skills to be able to play in the league and it was a total shock. I was also training for a marathon, so to go from 100% to 0% was tragic. But I persevered. I got involved in other aspects of the league. I am their current Secretary and am heavily involved in all the responsibilities that that role entails. I also worked really hard, did all my physio and was back to running in August 2016 and skating again in January 2017. I will never have full mobility in my ankle again but I can do everything I could do before and that’s what is most important (plus I have a wicked scar and a cool story to tell!).

I am now back on the road to passing my minimum skills. Every Saturday I join our Recreational League to start again gaining confidence and working on my skills. I’m taking it slower this time and not putting as much pressure on myself, and I think it’s paying off. Next Saturday we will start ticking off some Level 1 skills and I am really excited. It would be great to be able to make the roster for 2018!
So this my readers, is my other journey. My other passion besides yoga, running, travelling and food.

I’m basically on my way to becoming my own hero!

Cheesy photos are my favourite!

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