‘Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about’

Standing up is the first step…

Last Saturday at Rec League we began our Level 1 assessments. Basically all the minimum skills one needs to pass to become part of the main league have been split up into three sections. They have also been made a bit easier for us Rec Leaguers, some of who are just starting out and may have never been on skates before. It also makes them a little more attainable and removes some of the pressure associated with passing minimum skills. I prefer it this way as when I was doing the Fresh Meat program it always felt too fast and too stressful, and in the end many of the ladies had breakdowns or simply found it all too much and never returned.

So begins the assessments! Faye and Sarah were in charge of the session and explained that we didn’t need to do any of the skills if we didn’t feel we were ready but it would be a good idea to at least try.

We got through most of them before the end (or before I had to leave early as I was going out that night!). I didn’t get a chance to try Backwards lap in 40 seconds or my 20 laps in five minutes. But all the other skills I passed except for left sided knee taps. I think with some lunge work in the next couple weeks I should be able to pass it. I can do them on my right knee but when it comes to my left, I get a mental block. Probably because by dropping on my left knee, I have to lead with my bad ankle to get back up and in my head I don’t have enough balance or strength to do that. So practising lunges will probably be the best thing for it (and my head!).

Just after I broke my ankle I was so desperate to get back on skates and back to where I was before, but where I was before was unsure, panicky, feeling really unsure of myself and my confidence on skates was low. As I have stated before I also felt so pressured to pass and also jealous of everyone else’s faster progress. We were always told that this is your journey and don’t compare yourself to other’s, but that is really hard to do especially when you see so many of your fellow fresh meat moving forward and you are still stuck working on the same things.

That is why this time is going to be different. I still get the pangs of jealousy from some of my fellow Rec Leaguers who are better than me or progressing faster but this time, I’m breathing in and out and taking things slow. I’m making sure that I’m looking after myself and focusing on my journey. It will all come and I believe I have the capacity to become a roller girl but on my own terms!


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