‘The mind cannot survive on junk food’

I am a Warrior!

Day 5:

We are not one…

My body is not working so well today and my mind is quite all over the place. I feel like I am not present in my practise.

As usual we start on our own, ‘rehearsing’ what we’ve learned in previous classes, getting adjustments from Chris as we go along. All five of us are present and accounted for today, which makes the space feel smaller. This could contribute to why I’m not connecting, but that just feels like an excuse.

We learned one more standing pose, called Ardha Baddha Padmasana. It’s basically like a version of tree pose that we all know and love, but is more advanced and looks like this:

Ardha Baddha Padmasana

Next we did our final pose, which wasn’t really a pose but more of a transition into a seated position. I assume that this Monday we will be continuing into our seated sequence.

After practising what we’d learned today and combining it with the other positions, we lay in corpse pose. I struggled to release and left feeling rather deflated.

All was not lost though. On the walk home I decided to take in every detail. How lucky I am to be walking on two feet. How I walk heel to toe with one foot in front of the other. That I am breathing in and out through my nose. That I am walking past one of the most beautiful cathedrals and how I can do this anytime I want. I focus on the journey home without letting my mind wander to distraction with thoughts about the past or future. I remain present and focused. I acknowledge that a child has just fallen over and is screaming at the top of her lungs but I let it go. It was one of the most mindful moments I’d had that day. It was an amazing walk home because I appreciated every step.

Outdoor Yogi

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