‘Everything that happens is from now on’

Trying to balance everything

Day 6:

So now I’ve come to my last yoga session in the six week course, but this isn’t an ending. This yoga journey was never to end here. This is only the beginning.

I arrived to class on time and we began to review what we’d learned so far. It was only one of the other ladies and myself last week, so when it got to the newish stuff, we were the only ones who were supposed to know what to do. We both got stuck on the transition from standing to seated pose (I’d practised it wrong!). I also forgot a pose in the sequence and had to go back to repeat it.

Chris reviewed the transition we learned last week and than took us through four seated poses, as seen below:

Beginning of our seated poses

I found these extremely difficult, as my lower back, gluts and calves are all very tight. In dandaasana, sitting upright is difficultFor paschamottanaasana A, B & C , I cannot straighten my legs whilst holding my toes or ankles and for purvottanaasana, I do not have the arm strength to hold myself up for five breathes. I’m not much of a defeatist person anymore and tend to think positively, but these poses had me feeling pretty defeated.

I know I will get looser and be able to do these poses and all the poses properly, which will take time and practise. And I need to practise more. I thought after the first week, I’d get better at practising but finding time, more than twice a week over the past six weeks, has been a struggle. I think part of it has to do with my other activities, running and skating, but it is also just pure laziness. I talk myself out of it, saying it will take too long or that I’ve already gone for a run today. I need to schedule it in for myself, especially if I want to continue on with this journey, which I really do.

I’ve got unlimited classes for the next month, which I will start on Monday. I will commit to Monday and Wednesday evenings for the next four weeks and than if funds allow me, I will continue on with twice a week. If not, than I’ll move to once a week and schedule myself two extra practises at home. No excuses!

I want to get stronger, physically and mentally, by continuing on with Ashtanga Yoga. I already see a difference in myself mentally and the physicality and flexibility will come.

At the end of the session, Chris said that I should not be worried about not being able to do some of the poses fully (I asked for the seated poses, if I should be using a belt to help extend further. He said no) and from what he could see, I was doing them correctly and through practise I will get stronger. He did not promise quick results and in fact he said that some people it takes them years. I have to accept the fact that like with everything in life, it’s not going to come easy and I am going to have to work hard.

So I guess the journey really begins from here…

At One with Nature

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  1. Dan Bullock says:

    Keep going my love! It’s all positive! 🙂


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