‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’

Outdoor Yoga is the best!

And the journey continues…

I am very proud of myself. I went to two yoga classes this week. Monday and Wednesday. And I learned four more seated poses. I’m still not finding myself becoming instantly more flexible, but I am feeling more confident with every practise. Chris comes around during class and corrects me, which means I am constantly learning and tweaking what I already know. Going deeper into the poses. It’s hard but I love it.

On Wednesday, I learned a particularly difficult pose. Janu Sirshaasana B. It basically requires you to place your heel into the crease between where your thigh ends and your butt cheek begins, and then sitting on your bent leg and reaching for your outstretched ankle. Because it’s so hard to explain, see the image below (including the other poses I learned this week):

Seated Poses of the Week

I cannot seem to balance on my bent leg. I keep fighting gravity and rolling backwards on to my bum. Like all the other poses, I will get it eventually with practise and than I’ll be asking myself why I thought it was SO difficult.

So two successful yoga practises. I’m on my way!

Thoughts of the Week…

It is asymmetrical…

I bought this dress for a wedding coming up at the end of the month. I got my usual size 12 (UK). It fits, but it fits very tightly around my chest. This of course got me thinking about all the parts of my body that I could improve, including getting rid of my back fat, my jiggly arms and my pudgy belly. I do not consider myself fat. I am at the right weight for my height and my BMI is where it should be.

Saying all that though, I do have some soft bits which could be improved. This made me think that maybe I should do something about it. I would like to tighten my arms and lose a couple centimetres off my waist. I know realistically, I can’t do that in a month but I can at least start the process by eating better and exercising more.

That means planning my food and my exercise. Exercise is a bit easier as I already have two yoga classes a week and I would just need to fit in two to three runs (substituting one run for skating practise), as well as some strength training at home to work on my arms, chest and stomach muscles. Food, on the other hand is a bit harder. I like crisps and I LOVE chocolate. If I’m honest with myself, I am still going to eat chocolate as there is no way I’m giving it up, but I can substitute crisps. That’s why today I made a batch of kale crisps. I also made a tuna, red pepper and caper sandwich filler to go in some multi-grain gluten free rolls for the week, which I will alternate with avocado and hummus filler. Add some carrot sticks, an egg and an apple with peanut butter and you have a pretty yummy and healthy lunch.

I have to be realistic with myself. I love food! Luckily I love fruits and vegetables so substituting won’t be a problem. It just requires some planning and thought.

It’s a really good start towards feeling more confident in my skin and in that dress.

If anyone has any ideas for healthy vegan/veggie lunches or snacks, let me know!

Kale crisps are the yummiest!

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  1. You know I love eating well and working out consistently because even if I haven’t toned every part of my body that I’d like, just the process of it makes me feel more confident in my skin and in my clothes. PS- 👍🏽👍🏽 on the yog, so awesome!

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